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One to One Displays is a floor plan projection center created to take the stress and uncertainty out of designing your home and show you in 1:1 scale exactly what you are building.

Set up in a large warehouse with the latest projection technology, we provide you the opportunity to walk through your plans in 1:1 scale to fully understand the dimensions and details of your build before any works begin.

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What We Offer


Set yourself apart by giving your customers the opportunity to walk through their home, shop or office in 1:1 scale.

Before any works begin, help your customers understand what they are building. This can save you time on last minute changes that can add costly delays.

One to One Displays will project your customers’ plans so you can both take your time in viewing and ensuring that the customers needs are being met and exceeded.


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Building homes can be timely and costly without the added stress of unforeseen changes that sometimes arise.

One to One Displays gives you the opportunity to see whether you need to move walls, increase or decrease bedroom sizes, widen hall ways etc. before works have even begun.

Being able to walk through your home in 1:1 scale with your builder/architect/draftsman in the early stages of design can help give you an understanding of exactly what you are building and ensure you are building the home of your dreams.



Universities, TAFE’s and RTO’s can now simulate a build site in full scale in a safe relaxed environment without time constraints and in any weather.

OH&S training
Live plan manipulation
site set out, services layout
reading plans, finding faults


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